Counselling Centre & Family Support Service
We are a primary mental health care community based project provides high quality, accessible and affordable, professional counselling and training workshops. Our service provides mental health support and positive interventions to assist children, adolescents and adults work towards healthy relationships with self, others, the community and the environment.
Notice For Clients Returning To Therapy

Notice for Clients returning for therapy: 


  • Have you tested positive or had treatment for COVID-19?
  • Have you, or has anyone you are in close contact with, had any of the following signs or symptoms associated with coronavirus. 
  • Fever, Shortness of breath, loss of or impaired sense of smell, frequent cough. 
  • Have you been strictly following the social distancing measures outlined by the government during COVID-19?
  • Did you check your temperature this morning and was it normal? 

PPE equipment: 

Masks, we will ask clients and therapists to wear masks,  

Hand sanitiser, please use hand sanitising stations on entering and upon leaving the building.   

Gloves, gloves are provided for added protection if necessary 

Additional screens/Perspex, we will have screens in certain areas for extra protection  

Arrive at the centre at time of appointment only. We have no capacity for waiting in centre.

We ask persons to wait in their car, until appt. 

Those with minors If you can please wait in your car. Please park alongside (Colinstown Park) Colinstown Road. 



We encourage those to pay on our website before their appt. if possible, we still accept cash though. We will not be issuing change so please have exact sum if paying cash. 

Receipts upon request only, will be issued the following week, or monthly if preferable. 

Access, Exiting & Toilets

Please enter in the normal entrance, use hand sanitizing station upon entry.  proceed straight to your therapy room. Exit out the one-way system, your therapist will remind you upon leaving. 

Rooms 1-10 use lavatory upstairs. 

Room 12 use door in room, and lavatory in the room. 

Rooms 1 + 2 use separate front door house no 6, use lavatory downstairs under stairs, reception will direct you to this.  



We will not offer any hot drinks to clients; we will have limited sealed water bottles for clients upon request. 


Contact tracing & GDPR:

Should your therapist test positive for COVID-19, we will have to notify HSE for tracing purposes. You will be contacted first to be informed. Contact tracing is a confidential process and does not impact client confidentiality.  

If you or another client test positive, the HSE will contact us. We are obliged to assist the HSE for tracing purposes if a request is made. This will not affect client confidentiality.

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding in the present circumstances


Staying Positive During Corona Virus

Take care of your Mindset and Your Mental Health

We are all in this together.  The Corona Virus is making history and we are all part of it.  This virus does not discriminate. Three weeks into self-Isolation and most of us have now accepted the situation.  There has been a lot of different emotions going on for people, SHOCK, ANGER, DISSAPOINTMENT, FEAR, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, LOW MOOD, STRESS, IRRITABILITY, HELPLESSNESS.   

 This is a new reality for the whole world, we are not in control of it, however we can be in control of ourselves at this time.   Currently we are all trying to play our part in helping to stop the spread of the Corona Virus, and it is really important for us to realise that playing our part gives us some control. 

Staying At Home

Having to stay at home has caused a new set of problems for families who possibly wouldn’t normally spend as much time together.  Being mindful of your mindset and how being positive or negative can affect your mental health. There are a lot of people right now internalising everything, keeping it all inside.  Some people live alone and have to self-isolate, which is much more difficult. This can bring on an even heightened sense of all the emotions above. As part of the human race we need human contact, however at this time it is so important that we look at what we CAN do to look after our mental health.   


  • Try to get some exercise, 30 minutes a day will do wonders for you.  Try walking (fresh air is so important. Get in touch with nature even if it is only going to the top of your road and admiring the flowers in your neighbour’s garden).  If you can’t go out walking for any reason you could perhaps do a little walk around your own garden and do some stretching exercises there. You can do stretching exercises while sitting in a chair in your garden. If you have a treadmill at home, start using it, and any other gym equipment you have at home.  Some people do small muscle building exercises at home using cans of beans. Exercise of some form is vital during this time.                                                      

Having enough

  • If you are struggling with food, or poverty there are local agencies set up to help with this, Quarryvale FRC are one of such agencies. Please contact:   Karin Jonsson: 0852020300.

Yoga and Stretching (Floor exercises)

  • Yoga, stretching, floor exercises, Qigong (gentle movements which move energy around your body, every movement connects to a different organ in your body, very good for your immune system. There are lots of online free classes available in all the above.

Deep and Mindful Breathing

  • Breathing Exercises, are so good for the whole body.  There are a lot of different ones that you can do. The important thing is that you be mindful of what you are doing.  There is a difference between normal breathing and focused breathing. When we actually focus on our breathing, we can feel great benefits as a result.
  • Begin by sitting or lying down, try to focus on your breath (some people give their breath a colour so they can visualise it working).  Take a deep breath in and try to see it filling your whole body and count to 4, Hold for 4, then exhale for 4. If you find that holding for 4 is too long, then change it to 3, or 2. Remember it’s a cycle, (Breath in… Hold…. and Exhale).  You can do this even while you are watching the tv. Deep and mindful breathing is so good for your mind and body and immune system.


There are lots of simple recipes that you could try at home.  This is a great time and opportunity learn how to cook nutritional food.  If you don’t have any cookery books you can get free online tutorials on cooking.  

Learning a new skill

This is an amazing time to learn some new skills, painting, drawing, knitting, sewing. Again, there are so many online tutorials for free that there is no excuse. 


Journaling could be a really good way for you to express your inner emotions and thoughts at this time.  Journaling is your private medium, which facilitates you to let it all out. A lot of people who have been attending a therapist have been able to use that space to express feelings and working through changes they want to make in their lives. During this pandemic they are unable meet with their therapist face to face. In many cases online and phone counselling is happing, journaling can help to work through some of the process as well. 

Connect in with Friends and Family

There are many platforms for you to use when connecting with friends and family, Skype, Zoom, What’s App, Face Time etc.  I know of some family members who are only beginning to use these mediums and have asked themselves why they didn’t use it before.  I am sure the answer is that meeting face to face is always a first option, yet there are many family members who only see each other once or twice a year.  Now they are chatting weekly. Our way of communicating has changed for ever, and perhaps this is one of the positive things happening in our world today. 

Having a Positive Mindset

A positive mindset is key to having good mental health. There are a lot of things you can do to change your mindset from negative to positive. Its vital at this time that people don’t buy into negative spins of the Corona Virus situation.  Listen to the news if you want but try not to tune to everything you hear about it. Restrict your news sources to one a day if possible and always from a reputable source. Over exposure to bad news is bound to keep you in a fearful negative place in your mind.  All of the above tasks will help turn your mindset into a positive one if you give one or two of them a try. Below are some more things you can do to have a positive mindset and good mental health.  


Laughter is so important when it comes to our health.  Laughing has been scientifically proven to lower stress levels in the body and boosts immune function.  Laughter is contagious, if you can laugh together as a family this is so positive for everyone. When you are laughing your brain switches off from feeling anxious. 

Go Within (Meditation and Mindfulness)

If you have never tried to meditate, now could be a good time to give it a try.  The picture of meditation has changed over the years and it is not now seen in the same way.  There are loads of free classes online showing how to meditate and be mindful. With so many options available to us today, for example, Netflix, YouTube, TV, etc, it can be difficult to make the time to ‘go within’, however it is so beneficial to be able to switch off and just allow inner thoughts to flow. Meditation and deep breathing exercises go very well together. 


Eat Well and Build Up Your Immune System

Good nutritious food is important at this time.  There are certain foods which will help you to boost your immune system.  There is so much free information out there right now. However even with the best foods at hand, sometimes we need to also take supplements. Talk to your chemist or your doctor if you feel you might need some supplements to boost your immune system. 

              Taking Vitamin C & Multivitamin supplements and Vitamin D in particular can help to boost the immune system and keep yourself healthier and somewhat protect you against COVID-19 Symptoms

Stay Connected

It is so important to stay connected with friends and family at this time.  If you feel isolated please ask for help…!!! With today’s technology we can talk to someone on the other side of the world and see them at the same time.  Some people are NOT well up on the use of smartphones, iPads and computers, so be mindful of family members or friends or people you know who might not be using technology and who might be feeling isolated.  Perhaps you could make a phone call to them instead.  

The Breakthrough Programme

The Breakthrough Programme was devised in 2016, in response to Anger Management, Depression, Suicide, Addiction and Anti-social behaviour of 18-30 year old Males’ in West Dublin. It was devised using our data from Salesforce and from  The National Office of Suicide Prevention, (NOSP)

Depression and Suicide

Shamrock Rovers supports the Breakthrough Programme & Beacon of Light.

Shamrock Rovers supports the Breakthrough Programme & Beacon of Light.

Shamrock Rovers supports the Breakthrough Programme & Beacon of Light.

Shamrock Rovers supports the Breakthrough Programme & Beacon of Light.

Shamrock Rovers supports the Breakthrough Programme & Beacon of Light.

Our History

Beacon of Light Counselling Centre (BLCC) is a community based project which has been providing counselling services to individuals and families in the Clondalkin area since 2000.

In this time BLCC has assisted and supported hundreds of adults, adolescents and children who have been going through critical and/or life-changing periods in theirs lives as a result of many distressing experiences such as Loss/Bereavement,Depression, Stress/Anxiety,Addiction,Abuse, Relationship issues, Financial difficulties, Suicidal Ideation, and Sexual Issues to name but a few. All of the above affect the equilibrium of our mental health and our general well-being.The services provided by BLCC are both accessible and affordable.

We at BLCC make every effort possible to see clients as soon as possible. So, don’t let it become a big deal – call us on (01) 4578700 or email office@beaconoflight.ie

Since its establishment in 2000, BLCC has become an important part of the community infrastructure in the greater Clondalkin area. It receives referrals from many statutory agencies, voluntary organisations, GPS, schools and community development groups in Clondalkin and the wider community.These organisations and groups clearly recognise the benefits BLCC bring to help to alleviate the stress and anxiety and at times,the sense of hopelessness being experience by a significant number of people living in the Clondalkin area.

From a community perspective it is a tremendous advantage and asset to have a high quality and affordable counselling and
family service within the greater Clondalkin area.