Counselling Centre & Family Support Service

We are a primary mental health care community based project provides high quality, accessible and affordable, professional counselling and training workshops. Our service provides mental health support and positive interventions to assist children, adolescents and adults work towards healthy relationships with self, others, the community and the environment.


****Please be informed of an important centre policy update: *****


If any of your family or extended family is unwell or is awaiting a COVID-19 test or result,  please do not attend the centre for your appointment, this is to prevent any community transmission, you will be offered online or telephone therapy in place of face to face counselling instead.

Notice For Clients Returning To Therapy

Notice for Clients returning for therapy: 


  • Have you tested positive or had treatment for COVID-19?
  • Have you, or has anyone you are in close contact with, had any of the following signs or symptoms associated with coronavirus. 
  • Fever, Shortness of breath, loss of or impaired sense of smell, frequent cough. 
  • Have you been strictly following the social distancing measures outlined by the government during COVID-19?
  • Did you check your temperature this morning and was it normal? 

PPE equipment: 

Masks, we will ask clients and therapists to wear masks,  

Hand sanitiser, please use hand sanitising stations on entering and upon leaving the building.   

Gloves, gloves are provided for added protection if necessary 

Additional screens/Perspex, we will have screens in certain areas for extra protection  

Arrive at the centre at time of appointment only. We have no capacity for waiting in centre.

We ask persons to wait in their car, until appt. 

Those with minors If you can please wait in your car. Please park alongside (Colinstown Park) Colinstown Road. 



We encourage those to pay on our website before their appt. if possible, we still accept cash though. We will not be issuing change so please have exact sum if paying cash. 

Receipts upon request only, will be issued the following week, or monthly if preferable. 

Access, Exiting & Toilets

Please enter in the normal entrance, use hand sanitizing station upon entry.  proceed straight to your therapy room. Exit out the one-way system, your therapist will remind you upon leaving. 

Rooms 1-10 use lavatory upstairs. 

Room 12 use door in room, and lavatory in the room. 

Rooms 1 + 2 use separate front door house no 6, use lavatory downstairs under stairs, reception will direct you to this.  



We will not offer any hot drinks to clients; we will have limited sealed water bottles for clients upon request. 


Contact tracing & GDPR:

Should your therapist test positive for COVID-19, we will have to notify HSE for tracing purposes. You will be contacted first to be informed. Contact tracing is a confidential process and does not impact client confidentiality.  

If you or another client test positive, the HSE will contact us. We are obliged to assist the HSE for tracing purposes if a request is made. This will not affect client confidentiality.

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding in the present circumstances


The Breakthrough Programme

The Breakthrough Programme was devised in 2016, in response to Anger Management, Depression, Suicide, Addiction and Anti-social behaviour of 18-30 year old Males’ in West Dublin. It was devised using our data from Salesforce and from  The National Office of Suicide Prevention, (NOSP)

Depression and Suicide

Shamrock Rovers supports the Breakthrough Programme & Beacon of Light.

Shamrock Rovers supports the Breakthrough Programme & Beacon of Light.

Shamrock Rovers supports the Breakthrough Programme & Beacon of Light.

Shamrock Rovers supports the Breakthrough Programme & Beacon of Light.

Shamrock Rovers supports the Breakthrough Programme & Beacon of Light.

Our History

Beacon of Light Counselling Centre (BLCC) is a community based project which has been providing counselling services to individuals and families in the Clondalkin area since 2000.

In this time BLCC has assisted and supported hundreds of adults, adolescents and children who have been going through critical and/or life-changing periods in theirs lives as a result of many distressing experiences such as Loss/Bereavement,Depression, Stress/Anxiety,Addiction,Abuse, Relationship issues, Financial difficulties, Suicidal Ideation, and Sexual Issues to name but a few. All of the above affect the equilibrium of our mental health and our general well-being.The services provided by BLCC are both accessible and affordable.

We at BLCC make every effort possible to see clients as soon as possible. So, don’t let it become a big deal – call us on (01) 4578700 or email office@beaconoflight.ie

Since its establishment in 2000, BLCC has become an important part of the community infrastructure in the greater Clondalkin area. It receives referrals from many statutory agencies, voluntary organisations, GPS, schools and community development groups in Clondalkin and the wider community.These organisations and groups clearly recognise the benefits BLCC bring to help to alleviate the stress and anxiety and at times,the sense of hopelessness being experience by a significant number of people living in the Clondalkin area.

From a community perspective it is a tremendous advantage and asset to have a high quality and affordable counselling and
family service within the greater Clondalkin area.