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Anger Management

This module aims to: Explore origins of anger management strategies, give rise to personal reflection/experience and promote personal development and enhance specific life skills in a supportive safe non-judgemental environment.The course also illustrates key anger management strategies to employ if anger is an issue personally or they work with at risk adults or children”.

Objectives:By the end of the module students should be able to identify the main anger management styles.They will be able to identify their own triggers in angry situations.They will have tools to employ rationality and relaxation techniques.They will be cognisant of the psycho-somatic implications of long term anger.The students will also be able to identify and process potential anger issues within clients or service users.Students will also be more familiar with conflict resolution strategies for both themselves and the clients they work with”.

Addiction Awareness

This module aims to: introduce basic concepts of addiction and differentiate between them.To be able to spot basic addictive patterns of behaviour and to increase awareness of support structures available. It aims to be cognisant of the affects of addiction systemically, i.e. Family.”.

Objectives: By the end of the workshop students will be able to recognise the potential addictive patterns in themselves or peers, family.They will be aware of access to support.They will have basic drugs and alcohol information.They will also be able to recognise addictive cycles in clients.

Art Workshops

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